Week Two: Bebopping Blindly

New Camera(s), Same Six Megapixels

My original L11 (my mom’s old one I randomly found) quickly died from battery leakage. RIP, Lucy, you’ll always be my first love.

So, I ordered another from eBay. It arrived and barely worked, only briefly and in fits. You were kinda of a b****, Lana, so I’m moving on.

I have a premonition that I may be building a collection of these—and that may prove to be part of the experience and its welcomed limitations. (And, yes, I’ll be naming them all girl names that start with L. I’m weird like that.)

Leeloo in her little black dress.

Third Time’s A Charm

My third arrived via eBay a couple days ago, this lady looking sexy in black. I christened her Leeloo. The Fifth Element, anyone? “Leeloo Dallas, mool-tee-pass.”

With summer weather in full bloom, I took her out yesterday for a spin at one of my favorite intersections in Lincoln Park, where three streets cross. Plenty of action come quittin’ time, as it’s near a Red Line stop.

Let me tell you, Leeloo can work! Yessir. She chomps the batteries, no doubt, but in fine working condition. Just gonna have to add a steady diet of Double As to my grocery list.

My First Bebop

So this was really my first true Coolpix bebop. The smallness and lightness in relation to my other cameras still has it feeling little awkward to hold, but I found it encouraged me to try angles and placements in relation to the subject that I don’t with my much bulkier DSLR or even my micro four thirds.

For the first photo here, I actually reached around him, almost like we were taking a selfie. And for the last, I had it an inch off the ground, shooting blind and drastically up, which I think added to the drama of capturing this really tall human atop his skateboard.

You certainly could accomplish this type of thing with a DSLR, but it wouldn’t be as easy—and its viewfinder usually has me looking through it, which limits the POV from wherever I can position my eye. There’s only a small LCD screen for the L11, so it almost begs you to experiment by shooting blind, which I had a lot of fun doing. It’s definitely a liberation via limitation.

Vive la #Coolpixbebop!

I’ve created a new, separate Instagram account devoted solely to my point-and-shoot Coolpix project. I’ll be using it not only to share the work, but also as a sort of ongoing diary of the experience. And, of course, I’ll also be writing about it here at the blog.


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