Shoot Like Steph

One reason Steph Curry can do those things: he sees the play before it transpires. The game moves in slow motion for the great ones.Jim Barnett, Warriors Broadcaster

A couple months ago, I wrote about the key to capturing the Decisive Moment: anticipation. The key to snapping it isn’t seeing and reacting (as that’s usually too late), it’s sensing when it’s about to happen.

Last night against the Kings, Steph Curry put on an anticipation clinic with 27 points and 12 assists, not simply finding the open man, but directing the ball to where his teammate was about to be open. As Warriors long-time announcer Jim Barnett aptly explained during the broadcast, “he sees the play before it transpires.” It’s one of the reasons Curry, despite being small in stature by NBA standards, has climbed to the top of a sport built to reward physical dominance.

The street is just another type of court, one on which finding the shot is about putting yourself in position before it comes together. See the “play” before it happens to shoot like Steph!

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