Contest: Silhouettes Theme From SPi

Street Photography International (SPi) is a collective of photographers “who promote the best street photography from around the world.” Their Instagram account—their main platform for promotion—just passed 250K followers. That’s a lot! Especially so for one so narrowly focused on the genre. And for good reason, as they curate and showcase top quality street photos from around the world.

A Weekly Theme

Each week on Instagram, they choose a theme, creating a unique hashtag and asking street photographers to submit their appropriately themed photos for a chance to be featured as the winner at the end. Over the course of the week, they share work from their members and selected other photographers as inspiration.


This week’s theme is Silhouettes. It’s my first time participating, and I decided earlier in the week to shoot new work specifically with the contest in mind. It served as an assignment of sorts, one that was well suited to Chicago’s skyscraper-lined downtown, called The Loop, where narrow pockets of light are created by the buildings’ long shadows.

Here’s my submission to the contest, shot during my Monday afternoon session in the Loop. With over 2,000 Instagram posts under my belt, it’s turned into my most liked photo ever (my first with over 200 likes). A nice bonus to this assignment, regardless if it’s chosen by SPi.

Given the large following and wide reach of SPi on Instagram, it’s not surprising their contest hashtag has collected a multitude of entries (nearly 9k as I write this). Part of the value in participating, besides performing your own work for the assignment, is seeing how fellow photographers do so across the globe. There’s been some outstanding work submitted to the contest and I’ve found a few new street shooters to follow.

With SPi only awarding a feature from their account to one chosen photo and photographer, but many more worthy photos being contributed, I decided to highlight several that I thought stood out (alas, my platform not quite as visible as SPi, haha).

8 Fantastic Silhouette Street Photos for #SPi_Silhouettes

By Algi Febri Sugita | @algifs

By Sam Rodgers | @sam_shot_that

By Alimpan Pal | @_theunbreakablevow_

By Gergely Gangel | @gergely.gangel

By Bayu Aji Tri Nugroho | @uyab_cfc

By Çınar Yüksel | @cinaryuksel

By Mr Schools | @mr_schools

By Shane Gibson | @shanevgibson

Kudos to all these photographers I featured (and many more who submitted quality work to the hashtag). And good luck to all participants with their shot to be featured in front of 250K followers! Given the benefit of a weekly assignment and the value of seeing others’ work (and, oh yeah, the upside of a feature), I’m sure to participate in the themes to come.

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