Champs Sports Showcases NYC Photographer Aaron Berger

This week, Champs Sports, in promotion of a sneaker release, posted a video showcasing New York City-based street photographer Aaron Berger (who I featured on my list of “7 Instagram Street Photographers To Follow In 2017”). The piece is titled “Forever Developing.” Get it?!

Jokes aside, it’s a well-done vignette. And it’s cool to see a bigger brand like Champs (1.2 million followers on Instagram) introduce a talented street shooter like Aaron to a broader audience.

In addition to strutting around in the just-released sneakers, Aaron drops some knowledge about his approach, echoing first Cartier-Bresson about not thinking while shooting, but simply reacting, and then Winogrand about the transformation that happens when you “put four edges around some facts.”

I don’t go out with stories in my head I’m trying to tell. If I have a method, it’s just to be outside all day: to walk and walk and walk and walk. And not think. And to react.Aaron Berger

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